Animal Crossing (GC) (gamerip) (2002)

Animal crossing is a great game, but what i liked alot, was all of the KK Slider music. It was just cool, least i thought so. And if you liked animal crossing for the GC, i highly recommend to get the DS version of it, but with way more than the GC version, Animal Crossing: Wild World

Im rating this album a 10 out of 10, because of how much I liked the soundtrack.
Yeah, I agree with you, supernet2. Animal Crossing was one of the first games that I got when I was little and the soundtrack brings back so many memories. I'm also rating this album a 10 out of 10, because I love the Animal Crossing series.
I really love Animal Crossing. Everything about it is just perfect. The music is great, the game is great, and everything else is just wonderful. I love the rainy day song because it sounds so beautiful. I can't wait until Nintendo makes an Animal Crossing for the Wii, though. It's probably going to be the best Animal Crossing game. I really just can't wait. Anyway, I'm giving this album a 10 out of 10 because I really just love anything and everything about Animal Crossing!
Meh it was a good game and all but the soundtrack really wasnt meant for people to listen to unless you have one of the songs stuck in your head all day

8 out of 10 cause the game is still awesome
This is one of the best albums ever. I love Animal Crossing, not just beacuse of the music, but because of its incredible gameplay.
YAY FOR ANIMAL CROSSING, They have the best music ever! I love the air checks and K.K. Some of the music is really calming when others are really peppy!
10/10 because the game was great, and the soundtrack was recorded perfectly. The music is one of the key elements to this game, if you ask me.
I wish that there was the mp3 of when you're inside the igloos during winter. I love that song. I used to put it on my TV and turn it up and sleep to it because it was right outside of my bedroom... now i just want to listen to it in my free time! anyone have an idea where an mp3 download of it is?
I must say that this is one of the greatest virtual reality games on the market. The sound tracks were also well done. This download is exactly what I was looking for. For along time! I am glad that it is here. It just takes awhile to find all the songs that you want. Haha not that it is a big deal. I found all my favorites in alphabetical order. You guys are doing a good thing here.
What a wonderful soundtrack! It's so nostalgic for me-I've been playing the game for years and am a total for-life fan. My favorite time-of-the-day music has to be the 7 am music, although many other times compete for the tops spot. It just brings a sense of hopefulness to the whole day because it's in the morning. My favorite K.K. song is K.K. Reggae because it's the first song I ever got in my first Animal Crossing game. My town is huge now and I've long paid off my house debt, but when I close my eyes and listen to K.K. Reggae, I can almost imagine small-town New York (my town's name).
A complete 10 out of 10 from a die-hard fan!
This is amazing. There are so many songs here. 10/10 I love this list and I love animal crossing. When I listen to these songs so many memories start flashing in my head.
hahahahahah you have been pwned riel.



YOu've got to love the world
be a friend
and when you're down you gotta get up again
and wehn you're blue, here's what you do
just sing thsi happy toon
ba da da ba da da da da ba dada ba da da da da

Awesome little game. So much thought went into this, including the music. Also, kudos to whomever took the time to rip this music, that was a labor of love. 10/10
I can't believe this is happening. All the Animal Crossing music from the original game? I can't get enough of these airchecks! I love them just as much as when I played back in the day. Hell! I still play now and then!! Love it. I rate it a million out of ten.