Apidya (Amiga) (gamerip) (1992)

Fantastic album. There's great music and a lot of it. For those unaware, this is a somewhat nonsensical shooter, seemingly inspired by its Japanese counterparts, where your wife gets poisoned by magical bees and so you turn into a wasp and battle bugs, mice, dolls, pepsi cans, robots, etc. to get an antidote for her. The soundtrack is overall just solid and the basslines throughout are great and really lay a solid foundation for everything else throughout. Overall, 9.4/10.

In my opinion:
Favorite Track: Techno Party 1
Also Good:
Loader, Meadows Edge 1, Meadows Edge 3, Heaven and Hell, The Pond 1, The Pond 2, Techno Party 2, Techno Party 3, Speed of Light 1, Credits, Unknown (the 3rd one)