Streets Of Rage 3 is The Most Hardest But In My Opinion The Best One Out Of The 3 Made For Sega Genesis, And The Music Is half The Game, Its Really Tight And It Sounds Trippy, Especially If Your "HIGH" Above The Influence LoL But the game Is Great And The Music Is The Best Out Of Any Game Ive Ever Played...
TooLegit2Quit323 hell yeah!!!!!!! :D
you got that right matey ;)
I miss my old sega... i've still got it packed away somewhere... even got the wireless remote pads :p
Streets of Rage 3 is definitely one of the best video games of all time! It's a friggin legend :p
Well, this is a ten... wait a minute! The original album for SOR3 had 037 tracks, including the duplicates and unused tracks from Bare Knuckle 03. Where are those, I may ask?
The final entry of the series ended on a powerful note. My Dad & I loved everything about all 3 games. Each one got better than the last. IMHO, SOR3's soundtrack always seemed the rebel of the the other 2, musically speaking. SOR1 was my fav soundtrack. SOR2 was the most diverse with its perfect blend of jazz/funk/techn o/Caribbean offerings which fit every level just right(by the amazing Yuzo Koshiro). SOR3's soundtrack had 2b more sophisticated than the others 2 reflect the game's darker tone. In the end, the Composer accomplished on setting SOR3's blaring, hardcore techno/rock score to carry the intense action of the gameplay. Thx 4 this khi!
Sega could of done an early 90s piano type soundtrack for SOR3 similar to 1 and 2 but considering it was the mid 90s when this was released, it makes sense that they chose a proper banging "Jeff mills" style techno soundtrack..... Still sounds, dark, deep and banging hardcore to this day... I love it
In my opinion, who cares anyway, OST of Streets of rage games are ordered as the games. Meaning, the first episode is MUCH BETTER than the 2nd which is much better than the third ;)

Meaning, go get chapter 1 OST instead of this phooey ;)
Detroit Techno through and through. These guys had to be listening to Jeff Mills and other artists. Great soundtrack.
This is one of my favorite OSTs of all time to listen to, especially it being a part of my childhood! It sounds mastered as well! This game will always be in my heart ❤️
Thanks Yuzo-san and Motohiro-san for this awesome soundtrack!