Black Original Soundtrack

One of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history. Even with Black's classical approach to the songs, Chris Tilton delivers his sound of music in a tempest epic style. Every sound keeps you on the edge. Personally I think he would be the right composer for the upcoming Dark Knight movie about Batman's take vegenance on the Joker.
Music is always good. Black has a suspensiful beat mixed with classical. It is really neat. The graphics are also like xbox 360/ps3 for the version on ps2.
Chris and Micheal did an excellent job along with the hollywood symphony. It's perfectly composed... one of the best soundtracks on ps2!
i love this soundtrack, it makes me alive when i play BLACK.......beside BLACK is one of best game, the sounds effect also good...that makes me love this game very much.....great work
Call of duty, battlefield, medal of honor
all these games going hyper in term of graphic and gameplay. but still black beats all these just cuz they made the best looking ps2 game with feeling full music