how come there's no arcade tracks to bloody roar 2. is there a bloody raor 2 tracks that are arcade cause i only found the soundtrack somewhere.
you douchebag.. that is completely irrelevant to the quality of this album. I say it's good music. If you want them to add a specific album then write the moderators a bloody request, baka.
For bloody roar two, there are two different soundtracks. The game lets you choose to either listen to the arcade soundtrack or the console soundtrack. I prefer the arcade one more, mainly. Its too bad neither of the soundtracks are available for bloody roar 2 here.
While searching for the LEGENDARY BLOODY ROAR 2 OST, I ended up on a forum and someone gave an information that the BLOODY ROAR 2 soundtrack was included in the BLOODY ROAR 3 OST. But still, after years of searching, I ended up with nothing. Well, I'm still searching for that LEGENDARY HARD-ROCK BLOODY ROAR 2 OST, any information, please contact me..
Overall, this soundtrack is awesome...altho ugh I'll probably never understand why the character themes from Bloody Roar 2 were included with the BR3 music.

Incid entally, why is Shenlong's BR2 theme, "You're Dead," so much longer than the themes of all the other characters? I mean, the other characters' themes only play for about a minute and a half, but "You're Dead" runs for a good four minutes plus.
I am not 100%, but i am fairly sure that one of the soundtracks for bloody roar 2 was a electric guitar playing the ending to Hotel California by The Eagles (right around 5:30 into the song).
Loved this soundtrack, but, I wished the stages songs ran the 3 min to 4 min mark.But other than that, great sound from the guitar and instruments.