Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) (gamerip) (2005)

Finnaly this is posted!A great SoundTrack for a Great Game!The only flaws to the soundtrack here on Khinsider is the songs were cut too short,other than that its one of the best list of songs on a DS system.
This is one of the best soundtracks on Khinsider. With synthetic beats that get your heart thumpin' and creepy tunes that chill your heart, this one is definitely worth the download.
castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow ist eines der besten DS-Games. Und auch der Soundtrack ist genial. Fast alle Tracks sind absolute Ohrwürmer. :)
This album makes me very happy. I've gotten into Castlevania a lot recently, and I remembered playing Dawn of Sorrow, rocking out to Pitch Black Intrusion. This is an excellent selection of songs, very good quality music for a handheld game.
This is one of the best game I've ever played, I rated it over 10, equal to that of Terranigma.

I love the song named Dracula's Tears. So painful and nostalgic.
This is the best game with awesome music! my top 10 are: 1-Pitch black intrusion.2-con demed tower. 3-draculas tears.4-undergr ound melodies .5-vampire killer. 6-the beginning. 7-subtarranean hell.8-after confession.9-il lusionary song and 10-cursed clock tower
Need to play Castlevania ! XD
No, really, these soundtracks remind me how awesome that game was and how much i wanna play it once again from the begining :3