Contra: Hard Corps (Genesis) (gamerip) (1994)

A great soundtrack for the time, with a lot of variety on display. It really showed what the Genesis/Mega Drive could do, and was a perfect accompaniment for the intense, often over-the-top action of the game.
One of the best soundtracks for one of the best games in the Genesis.

The music combines perfectly techno parts with heavy parts.
I use to choose which way to go in this game based on the song I would hear. I absolutely love to listen to the song something wonderful. They should make a real studio album of this games soundtrack. It's techno meets metal. I love it!
I agree with everyone's above comments and this was one of Sega's big hits n it's prime. This entry continued the Contra's series tradition of brutally hard(but fun) gameplay, lots of weapons, tons of xplosions, & freaking HUGE bosses that filled the screen! Throw n multiple endings depending on the path u choose + a killer techno-metal soundtrack & u got some grt replay value there.
Absolutely awesome Contra game with a fantastic soundtrack. One of the true gems Konami fabricated in all aspects except one, seemed too short! ???? The hard corps and gtr attack! are the two best IMHO. Great upload and thank you!
i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original arcade video game music soundtrack of: konami's contra 1 (arcade video game music album soundtrack).
Contra: Hard Corps has a amazing soundtrack! I don't really have any favorites of it yet because unlike Mega Man or Castlevania, I haven't played them so many times to where I memorized the whole soundtrack and can easily pick out my favorites. I only beat this game twice at the time of this post, so I'll update this when I've beaten the game at least five times. As for the game itself, it has great stages with fun setpieces, fun bosses that are extremely hard, multiple different endings (Some of which are pretty damn weird), and Four different playable characters with their own weapons to use. Overall, Contra: Hard Corps is a great game that is extremely hard.
Soundtrack: 8/10.
Game: 7.7/10.