Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Sound Track (2002)

Wow, even the SOUNDTRACK is messing with my head. One of the things I like about this game is the fact that the music fits the theme of insanity perfectly.
A terrific soundtrack for a terrific game. When I played through Eternal Darkness, I wasn't really sure what to expect (I do not frequently read reviews of games - I more rely on word of mouth), but the soundtrack and sound effects (and sanity effects!) created a great atmosphere. My only detracting thought is that you have to like voiceovers. They are few and far between on the soundtrack, but they are there. If you didn't like the voice acting or only want a musical experience (no spoken, sobbed, or rambled words) then there are a few tracks you will want to skip.
Excellent soundtrack. I remember first buying this CD (still have it hah!) back when the game first came out via Ebay.

My only complaint was that it never included the music from the main menu/options page as that was just as fantastic as the rest of the soundtrack.
if you like this, there are two music to the spiritual successor (but cancelled) of Eternal Darkness, Shadow of Eternals
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