Friday Night Funkin' - vs. Sonic.EXE (PC) (Mod) (gamerip)


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i have a theory on how we can reverse the segapocalypse. wave master only took down the sonic tracks with sonic in the title, so stuff like tails adventure and knuckles chaotix survived. perhaps if we reupload sonic albums without sonic in their name (like snc mania instead of sonic mania), we should be able to bless our ears with sonic music again.

P.S. I have managed to save some sonic tracks that were unaffected by the segapocalypse and stored them on this google drive page. anyone can add any sonic tracks they have saved, the page is open for editing.
enjoy >
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So for the song, "You Can't Run", uh, we can't really add it YET, cause it's not even out yet. I'm saying this for those who think about asking lmao

Time mixer

Yea i think that too even trough song is on offical yt channel and has a fanmade mod with that song. Anyway you are right for choice.