Macross 7 - Best Collection

I own this cd. The BEST collection of Macross 7 and contains the best anime tune ever... Heart & Soul. No it is NOT the same as used in the movie, but it is amazing. The duet at the end is the best anime music (aside from Adventure Road - Hiro'a song from Lunar EB) I have ever heard. Not even sure what they are singing... but is simply stunning... I try to sing along every time. Track 15 is simply addicting. - Nifty
This is the best anime CD ever! Love this album. Every track is amazing. The anime was... odd but the music is phenomenal! The BEST track on the album is Heart and Soul. It is the full song. The song used in the movie is not even half the song and the best song and duet of the entire series. If you don't get any other tracks at least hear Heart and Soul.