what are you talking about? well he or she is right where is the final attack? oh well l still liked bottom of the sea and run though!
What ? No Final Attack ? Please, let there be final attack. I really love it. I think it's better than the other final attack versions. Please, I really need it.
Ok what is the total point of placing this down when there are 2 critical songs missing? I find this quite pointless and a very huge mistake this place has made.
hi i like these songs i want metal slug 4 and metal slug 6 sound tracks anyone tell where i can find these thanks :D
Very good soundtrack, maybe my favourite among the Metal Slug ones: the track I liked most was Windy Day, very Morricone-like. However, besides Final Attack, someone forgot to upload Fierce Battle, badass soundtrack which many people overlook.
I love every song this chapter had to ofer especialy ,,Windy day''. It's sad that they didn't upload ,,Fierce battle'' and ,,Final attack''.