Midnight Club II (PS2, Xbox, Windows) (gamerip) (2003)

The best song are Brain 35 - only an illusion
Midnight club II
Extra Dry
and G`s up.
But i can`t find anywhere the G`s up song(((((((
help me if you can.
Perfect! Exactly What I've Been Looking For...Best Tunes Are From "Brain"...Now All We Need Is The Proper Upload From Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix...Have Most Of It With Proper ID's, But Some Are Missing :(
Perfect album.I love this album.I found everywhere.This album very important for me.Best songs are electrified,something for your mind,syntrax,rococco,all d-noiser songs.Thanks for that.
the opening song should be available also in a longer version, but I cant find it. Does anyone of you know which song this is or where to find it?
Moreover, I can remember to activate a songs menu in the game, how was that possible?

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Omg I haven't played the game for around 5 years (i guess so). I was recently looking for very good techno etc. music but the last 2 years only crap was invented.
These will be forever one of my Best Albums (or maybe the best with the greatest technos of the world)