Quake 2 - Original Soundtrack

This soundtrack is just great!
Sad its very rare and pretty hard to find it free.
Thanks to this site for the tracks I've been looking for so long :p
Heh, time ago i lost my quake 2 cd, and when i wanted to hear some of the tracks for other games and stuff, i found this page, so, thanks to the admins for this site, u made my life happier :3 (really! :D)
The PC version DOES have music, you need to have the CD in the drive to hear it. :) The CD functions as a full audio CD as well as a data CD if I remember correctly.
FINALLY!!!! I have long sought these soundtracks and not only can I find the main games but the expansions as well, well at least for the original Quake. Well worth the "small" donation which I gladly paid. Can't wait to check out what else you have here.
Man I got to thank you to all of you.

I love this game and over all the music of the game, I have visited this site since a long time but I never think of found this soundtrack here.

Thank you guys!!
Thank you so much for this, this is one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard, i've been looking for this for a while, your the best!!!
Quite simply one of the best video game soundtracks ever recorded. Too bad Sonic Mayhem never matched the same intensity again.
Good soundtrack. I have never played the games, but this is good music anyway. Good heavy sound, similar to the Devil May Cry 3 soundtrack.
The PS version of the game (Or at least in one of the PlayStation demo CDs containing a demo of Quake 2) contains a track that doesn't exist on the PC version. I'm not talking about the first song on this album titled "Main Theme". It was something else. Anyone have any idea what this song might be? Or is there a way I could extract the song?
A mix of my super shottie and "Descent Into Cerberon" gets my killing face on when I kill a whole mess of Stroggs!