Saiunkoku Monogatari Original Sound Track 1 (2006)

The songs chosen for the anime and for its characters are well chosen. It best describes the anime and the characters named in it.
Oh wow I love this songs so much!! there way awesome^^ and this anime rocks^^ Ryuuki and shuurei are my favorte parring^^
omg love this show! and the bmg is perfect for it.
absolutely wonderful! after watching the show, i really wanted to find the soundtrack and luckily they had it here! thank you so much! it's a nice contrast from the rest of my music collection.
i am very like this anime
and also like all of song in this anime too.
i think everyone had to listen them they will be fall in love with all of song
thank u very much for the beatiful songs..i love them all ^_^..they are very awesome...and i love this anime soOoOOo mucCcCch...^ ^

C ya ^ ^
Great album ^^
I totally love Sakujun in the anime.!

Except wheres that amazing song that plays before Shuurei is going to meet Sakujun(the time she gets her hair pin stolen).. it plays else where but..
thank you for uploading..
al l the songs arr exceptionally beautiful, soothing, tranquil.
i listen to it almost everyday..
lov e this anime very much..
love Ryou Kunihiko-sensei for these masterpiece ^^