Shadow of the Colossus Original Soundtrack (2018)


I've searched for this OST everywhere and finally found it.
The soundtrack is the kind of music that keeps you listening all day long.

It is a shame that SoC doesn't have a sequence, wonderful game, wonderful Soundtrack.

Congratulations for the wonderfull job, sharing this preciosity with everyone!

Th ank you very much.
I loved lakeside the first time I heard it while plaing the game. This site is just too epic ! Loved it ! I hope this site grows well ! :D :D
The music composers of this game are nothing less but genius.
A unique enjoyable experience full of beatiful notes and extreme energy,definetl y recommend this outstanding sountrack.

- ProdriveHD.
I love this game so much! But it wouldn't be the same without this outstanding soundtrack. Keep up the good work! Next I would like to see 'super smash bros', or even 'the evil within'! That would be very amazing! ten out of ten for sure! :3
Nigga, you mean to tell me you got SotC soundtrack, but you don't even got Okami? wtf.
nice job though, sound of this album is high quality.