Spyro the Dragon (PS1) (gamerip) (1998)

This brings me back to my innocent days as a wee lad , so it gets a high rating. Otherwise, it'd get a 2 because 9/10ths of the songs don't work...
Spyro was the very first Playstation game I ever owned, so this brings back great memories...However, as the review before mine says, Not many of the songs work =/ They would be enjoyed much much more if fixed. Thank you anyway for putting this up ^^ great fun!
i dont really think i need to say much, as everyone before me has thought the same. It DOES bring back many memories, however some of the songs dont work. PLEASE FIX THEM!!
All of the songs with apostrophes don't work.
Otherwise it is a great album. It really brings me back.
I agree with the person above me! Please, I would like to download ALL the songs, and it would be awesome if you could fix the friggin links!
my brother and I have been searching for this music since we found out you could get music online (a long time) its his favorite music and I just think its ok. Thanks for the awesome tunes!
Great album from Stewart Copeland, how could I ever forget?
What I found to be even better than this were the Spyro 4: Enter the Dragonfly songs. Too bad only few songs were added to the list. But this album honestly brought back many great memories that I cannot even begin to express. Way to go Stewart Copeland and Universal Interactive for helping in the process of Spyro!
Awesome stuff whoever uploaded it, however can someone re-upload all the Home Land themes WITHOUT apostrophes as that is what makes them fail to download.

Spyro was my first game too, and I have very fond memories playing the game. I had always loved the themes and was looking for a way to get the soundtrack, and I'm grateful there's a way to get them here.

Please fix the issue with the names however, it's unfortunate that a simple thing like that stuffed the songs up.
Wow, this takes me back. One of the best games as a kid. Cant believe it was ten years ago! Great mp3s. the only problem are the home world mp3s. They download but wont play on media player cuz they have some weird extension format or something. otherwise, they work great!!!!!! thanks!!
Oh how I LOVED this game's soundtrack, Spyro the Dragon just wasn't the same without Copeland's awesome mixes. If all the tracks could be fixed that'd be awesome, Artisan's homeworld and the dreamweaver homeworld were the two most memorable tracks I'd love to hear again.

Thanks for uploading!
That apostrophes thing sounds like it would fix it, my computer thought that all those songs were applications, but for the songs that do work THANK YOU
OMG I love these songs. They bring back so many memories. And so does the levels. The first game always had the best songs. THANK YOU STEWART COPELAND!!
Yeah, all the songs with Apostrophes don't work, please please please fix them

This is one of my favourite games

Hey, and do any of u guys know where I could get the Crash Team Racing soundtrackalbum, please????

I love this music! its my favorite...It brings many memories back. stewart is an awesome artist, and he played the game first,to determine, what type of emotion he could use in that song.
Many thanks and much gratitude, to whomever it was who made this avalible for download. Winderful music. I couldn't find it anywhere else on the web. Alas, many of the tracks don't work. And the majority of those were the homeworlds, which in my opinion had some of the best soundtracks. That was the only thing that kept my rating from being a 10. I beseech thee, would someone please fix this? It would be greatly appreciated.
This album is great! Brings back many memories! Too bad some of the songs don't work. If all the songs were working I would give you a 10.
U should make 1 be file so we can download all of them at once please do so :( please because i can be bothered downloading 1 at a time mabey a zip file could help zip them into 1 big file then we can unzip :)
This-being the very first psone game I ever owned-is one of the best games ever made. The music from this game brings a sense of nostalgia and joy to me. The unexusable hapiness I get from listening to the music this game rivals only the old music from the final fantasy psone games I grew up with. Good memories, and great game. I beat it to the point where every single bit of the game was reached.

7/10, seeings as some of the tracks(most being my favourite) are broken.