Sub-Terrania (Genesis) (gamerip) (1994)

This is absolutely one of the best video game soundtracks ever produced. Everything about it creates just the right vibe that matches perfectly with the theme of the story and the action of the gameplay. That vibe is so timeless that you can't necessarily tell that it's early '90s. The sound is definately 16-bit, as with 'The Basement' from the Genesis version of 'Splatterhouse 2' or 'Supervillains' from 'Maximum Carnage', but that sound has charm. Definately maximum quality.

~Iggy Hazard, the E.V.I.L. Republican Gamer
Iam listening to this Sound since it is available. Never heard such a good Videogame Soundtrack ever... its Best of best. 10 of 10
I don't think jesper kyd ever made a soundtrack as good as this ever again. But then again, neither did any other musician.