Super Adventure Island 2 (SNES) (gamerip) (1994)

ugh -_- what the heck? the title is Super Adventure Island 2 not Adventure Island, Super 2. whoever did that, learn to read and/or spell/type correctly.

t hat aside, good soundtrack that i like, else i wouldn't be about to download it.
Super Adventure Island 2 on SNES is an amazing game. Handling, graphics and level design are successful, without being perfect of course. When I played this game, I rarely felt a sense of boredom (except the sadness that is Curly's Casino).

It is a very particular opus of the series. This game is closer to the gameplay of Zelda 2 (There are equipment, magic, puzzles ...).

The soundtrack is excellent, very sentimental in my opinion. My favorite music are Aquatic Assault, Hiya-Hiya Island, Boss Theme 2, Fuwa-Fuwa Island, Heart of Darkness and Fair Tina.

One of my favorite Super Nintendo titles, unfortunately too little known.
Rating for the game and the soundtrack : 85%
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