TEKKEN 4 Original Sound Tracks (2002)

In my opinion this is the best Tekken Soundtrack.
My favourite tracks are (104 fetus, (108 mob), (112 bit crusher) and (116 the inner shrine).
Tekken 4 has nice music with some of them peaceful
and some new characters who are -
Steve Fox - (British boxer and Nina's son),
Christie Monteiro -(Eddy's student and hot chick),
Craig Marduk -(A mean tall Vale Tudo fighter),
Combot - (Lee Chaolan's fighting Robot),
and Violet - (Lee's disguse).
Tekken 4 is O.K. but has some downs about it.
Honestly, this tekken soundtrack is much of serenity of the battle, not the adventures and chances of losing in the battle... Though I pretty much like it, though... It's enough for me to crave for this SoundTrack...
I really liked the character music; they really fit the character that they are defining...Such as Panda... A cuddly and emotive... well... Panda...? Or Law... A fighter with the taste...
Probably, this would be the reason why I liked the Tekken 4 OST rather than the Tekken 5, but battle music is devastatlingly best in Tekken 5... Because any part of the music suits the Knocking Out, and the venues... But for me, the Tekken 4 and 5 OST's are just justified the same levels...
Tekken 4 was one of my favorite fighting games. The music was awesome. I would turn it up loud. I hope the release it for the PSP. I would not have a problem with PSX-1 games being released on the PSP.
I love the remake of Jun's stage from #2. The first level on the new Tekken Force. Lets not forget that was the first Tekken game to add an environment to the levels (thinking more along smashing Lei off the car parking level lol)
oh come on tekken 2 and 3 were the best!!! admitt it..i mean like even tekken 5 and dark resurrection are better. i can't believe tekken 4 even i could come up with better musics but hey look on the bright side all the characters are there :p...jin kazama all the way..thumbs up
I was soooooooooooo glad they brought lee back,the authentic sky is defidently the BEST Tekken music yet,i always see this stage as being lee's,especially in his white suit(BEST LEE OUTFIT EVER)!