Perfect. This music is worth listening to. Some of them make you depressed. You'll feel very sad. Emotional. But after hearing it, you'll want to hear it again.

Gusta vo Santaolalla did a perfect job. His work isn't simply successful, it's excellent. Someday, I wish I could meet him and thank him for making such good music.

Downl oad it. Really. Download it. Very good music.
The last of us is a close to perfect game. It is the best game ever made which has many emotions displayed perfectly. The way the emotions are displayed is highly dependent on the type of music played at that time, and Gustavo Santaolalla did an amazing job at this. These songs are close to perfect and display each and every emotion perfectly. I just loved these songs and I personally feel that this music played a major role in making the last of us the best game ever made.
I love the last of us
I want to thank each person who has made this wonderful game , specially nail drunman and
gusta vo santaolalla and Bruce.