The LEGO Movie Videogame (PS3) (gamerip) (2014)

is this the same as the xbox rip? and , if so, why are there two of them
Idk, they fall under separate roles, maybe some things are different. Other than that, yes, they pretty much are the same OST. I'll download one OST and request it be tagged as PS3 and all of it's other consoles. (or a tag edit could be done and one could be deleted.)
honestly im considering arranging an actual soundtrack for the game. could that be uploaded alongside the gamerip? like, an unofficial "proper" ost?
actually i know i didnt get an answer to the first Q but does anyone know what a gamerip actually is?? like what . . . process goes into that

i'm assuming it involves poking into the files but how are they named? do they have to be named manually? or are they named in the code??

... who uploaded this album? i could probably just ask them.