Tyrian (MS-DOS, IBM PC/AT, IBM PC) (gamerip) (1995)

Tyrian has some really good tunes! thumbs up!
I believe you can achieve different sound if you play the game with different midi-settings also.
Composed by Alexander Brandon, the same man who made music for Deus Ex, Vigilante 8, Thief, Neverwinter Nights 2.. A genius!

To the guest before me, fix your player dude, wmplayer is obsolete stuff, winamp/aimp are far better nowadays, especially with dsp plugins for sound enhancement and better "BASS" libraries
Brandon has his roots in demoscene, and this music is surely a proof. It's like taking samples from Deus Ex, put them into space climate, and make music in MOD-like fashion ;)
actually if you play it in dos or an emulator there is some truth to the midi settings. adlib vs tandy vs sound blaster vs gravis all have different sounds to them. all preference which sounds best.
You can get a plugin for winamp or foobar that will allow you to play the Tyrian soundtrack in the original FM sound, just google around a little and you should find it.