Urban Reign (PS2) (gamerip) (2005)

I haven't seen anything better than this site before. It's so hard to find the sound-tracks from the favorite games,especialy with such anice quality.Keep it that way ,you doing great.
I didn't think I'd find this anywhere...it's great :D.

Gonna be totally honest though, the sound quality isn't too great imo.

Still a good upload! I gave it a 8 since it's tough to find.
Awesome, all the tracks from the game are here!! Before I found this site, I was surprised just to find one of them...

Great work, 10 :D
meu véi muito duifícil de encontrar essas músicas doido
dou um dez pq tem todas mas a qualidade não é muito boa
encontrei as músicas do meu jogo predileto
valeu aê
Superb and wonderful tracks. I really thankful of this site for giving me my favourite game tracks. I have never ever found other site better than this.I have a lot to say but next this time.so thank u.
By-Abhishek.A no site is better than this, this gave me my favourite tracks of almost every series.thanks to khinsider.BY and keep going this.
Well, I am still disappointed, as I couldn't find the EXACT version, of Lv. 78 theme (The Monster), which comes according to the game. Other than that, great music, and great game. Hatsoff! (*sighs* Only If I could find the real version of The Monster theme.)