Wario Land II (GBC) (GB, 3DS) (gamerip) (1998)

Fantastic soundtrack, especially considering the great limitations of the GB. I like that the composer kept the theme from Wario Land: SML3.
My favorite pieces are "The Journey Home", "Underwater Tunnels", "Syrup's Gadgets" and "Flat Wario".
I really loved this game as a kid. And this OST is one of the most favourite OSTs for me. My favourite ones from it would be "Syrup's Gang", "Down In The Cellar", "Flat Wario" and ""Crazy Wario"" with the last one being just a silly censorship result since it (obviously) should have been Drunk Wario. (I don't get why it seems that bad to leave it Drunk Wario but probably that's just me :p )
This is a great soundtrack, but I'd like to let you know that in this khinsider upload all tracks are pitched slightly too high. I guess this was an emulation error. There are also two tracks that include sound effects.