WILD ARMS Original Game Soundtrack (1999)

It's incomplete. There are more songs in the game than these ones, such as the battle music when you fight Belselk and Zeikfried (first fight) and the music when the sky above Adlehyde cracks up (during the festival) so I give it a 3.
I have to agree with the last reveiw. Not all of the music is here. The ones that are here are good ones though so I instead give a 5. This is a great game with great Music and if you haven't played it yet, I reccomend it.
Well, comparing the game music with these tracks, these don't appear to be exact duplicates of the music in the game. In fact, they sound a little more enhanced and cleaned up.
Unfortunately though, this one has not got all the tracks listed. 7/10 for the different tracks, but 3 points off for the missing tracks.
Where are some of the themes? Boomerang Flash, anyone?

Not all the tracks are there, I can't give this a great score because of that. If they were all there, then it would be a 9/10
I'm sorry, but it's missing a lot, especially my fav (adlehyde after the attack) I am glad to see "into the star ocean" on here tho, so it's a 6 from me.
As I played it many, many years ago, I don't remember missing musics. But this is too awesome! I want to play it all over again! Awesome musics!
For all the other reviews : "Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack only contains 36 songs. If you want the full OST, search for "Wild Arms Complete Tracks"