Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack (2010)

That was amazing!In my opinion none of the tracks were bad,but some werent that good,for example Inside the Giant and some tracks really stand out,like Unfinished Battle.They also fit the situations they play in quite nicely and also there is a great mix of musical styles as well.But,not all tracks are good,but the ones that are bad,do have some good parts.In conclusion,this is a great soundtrack,but not perfect.
One of the hidden gems of the gaming soundtrack universe which was finally revealed to the masses with the inclusion of Shulk in Super Smash Brothers. I truly believe this soundtrack to be one of the best I have personally heard, and few can match or surpass its masterful composition.
I got this game for the wii a while back and I still can't get over how amazing the music is. I'm also glad this website exists because there really isn't another way to listen to it
Astounding sound quality. What I love the most about this is that you guys took the initiative to add both versions of Tragic Decision. That might not be well be necessary, but I like that tidbit. Even though the titles are that of their European ones, that doesn't really have a play in the scoring of the scores; in fact, it makes even cooler.

Now, if only you guys will take care of Xenoblade Chronicles X... oh boy, please do it!!!
Every song in this soundtrack is excellent. It's rare to find a game where every song is worth listening to and I can't imagine skipping any of it - it's all amazing to hear.
One of the best soundtracks in history, if not the best. My only complaint is that Gaur Plain (the theme for bionis' leg) isn't really very good. All of the other songs are amazing, though. My personal favourites are Tragic Decision (full), The Night Before the Decisive Battle, While I think, Agni Ratha, Prison Island, To the Last Battle, Xanthe, Impatience, and Gigantic Silhouette. I would very much recommend this soundtrack to everybody, and not just Xenoblade Fans.