Alfred Chicken (Amiga) (gamerip) (1993)

This is a goofy little album that seems appropriate for the game, albeit the arrangement feels a bit basic and the instrumentation can be rough at points (see Meka Chicken for instance. While a more harsh tone works well for robots in general, it's a little too harsh). The normal tracks and AGA version are similar in quality, albeit I like the sound of the AGA tracks more. Overall, I'm not a fan of this album. Others may enjoy it more. 6.5/10.

In my opinion,
Better Tracks: Bonus Room (AGA), Radio Tunes, Credits 2

If you're looking for a good goofy album on old synthesizers, I'd highly recommend looking up the Dragon Half on the PC-98/FM Towns and Fray (OPLL) on the MSX2, which I feel manage to communicate silly moods a little better.