Boktai 2 - Solar Boy Django (GBA) (gamerip) (2004)

Boktai 2 has an amazing soundtrack and the homages to the Spaghetti Western genre in its music give the game a nostalgic atmosphere.

However, this particular sound rip is a disorganized mess. If you're going to go through the trouble of ripping a game's soundtrack with the intent of sharing it, take the extra 30 minutes to sort out the game's sound effects and label the tracks. You can find track titles or effective stand-in titles on the internet.

Fo r those who want to download this, the quality of the rips is good. But if you want to avoid the sound effects (some of which are ambient and some of which are not), those start at track 074 and end with track 090. Tracks 091 through 096 are fanfares. Most of the remaining tracks after that are BGMs. Also keep in mind that the tracks are out of sequence from when you'd hear them in the game and additional manual sorting and labeling will be necessary.
Love the soundtrack of both games, but are you going to do boktai 3 Sabata's Counterattack? It has a very interesting sountrack to listen to especially dark castle since it has the basement floors and the upper levels