Bomberman 64: Second Attack! (N64) (gamerip) (1999)

this game was amazing, and the music really enhanced the playing experience. The game's music really brings the game to life. I listen to and play all sorts of music, video game and non-video game alike, and the tracks from this game consistently inspire me. The music is theoretically amazing, and the memories it brings back are amazing. 10/10
Something about this soundtrack... I'm not sure! I really was impressed with the music in this game and how easily it sets the mood in an area. I especially love Aquanet and Horizon :3
I always wonder what people were thinking when they made quality music then, and what they're thinking now. I'm aware that they don't really make the music thinking it would be so nostalgic to it's players eventually, but it seems games with great soundtracks aren't as easy to find anymore...