Dark Souls III Full Extended Soundtrack (2017)

This is a fan-made release of The Dark Souls Trilogy OST originally created by user igor.kovalsky on the ffshrine forums. The compilation was sourced from FLAC from the official released albums as well as lossless gamerips provided by the ffshrine user Infernus Animonitas.

This compilation soundtrack includes all officially released tracks from The Fire Fades edition as well as unreleased music ripped from the game. For this extended compilation, all music has been looped twice, with the exception of the Epilogue track. For boss themes, first-phase boss music is looped twice, transition into the second-phase theme which is also looped twice.

The original ffshrine forum post, including detailed information on the composition and tracklist, can be viewed here: https://ffshrine.org/archive/t-218028.html

Credits: Yuka Kitamura (Composer), Motoi Sakuraba (Composer), igor.kovalsky (original compilation)