Mega Man ZX (DS) (gamerip) (2006)

Mega Man ZX's Soundtrack is fricking amazing! 90% of the theme songs are fricking incredible! The game itself is flawed beyond belief, but it's still good.
1.There's lives in a MetroidVania Game: Why is this a problem? Because when you get a game over, you're sent back to your previous save point. Again, why is this a problem? Because the transporters come be very far away from each other. Which sometimes means you have to redo everything you did before that point.
2.The characters are repetitive: What I mean by that is that a lot of them are the "Follow and believe the leader" type of characters. This has been a problem sense Zero 4. Because after the second or third time, you expect them to change the characters up. Hell, Serpent's first phase is a Elpizo Rip-off and his theme song (First phase) sound's like supreme ruler, but not as badass.
The gameplay is pretty fun, but it's also very frustrating because of lives like I mentioned earlier. This game has biometals which make the gameplay fun... Besides Phantom and Fefnir because they're not too useful. This game also has a lot of offscreen pits and spikes. Overall, Mega Man ZX is a extremely flawed, yet fun experience.