Metropolis Street Racer (Dreamcast) (gamerip) (2000)

Great music From a great game. Worth the download. I really suggest you main menu theme. but its not on here. I will see if i can upload it now.
this one really takes me back... what a fantastic game that was and the soundtrack was a huge part of it. it was amazing to drive around in those cities listening to these great songs... even music genres i usually don't like were strangely appealing while playing this game...
Great game, awesome soundtrack. I clearly remember every song of this game, I'm going to play this game right now. One of the many reasons why I didn't sell my Dreamcast.
This is an old game now. The soundtrack from the game is still awesome.

~You Can Love Me
~Let's Get It On Tonight
~It Dosen't Really Matter
~Am I Only Dreaming?
~Show Me Your Love
~Club Paris

Those are my top 7 favorite songs from the game. I love all the others, too.
Excellent! I always want this sound track! I miss my Dreamcast... T.T
But now I will can remember the musics.
Thank you!
This is brilliant. My top 10 are

Think about it
Show me your love
Am I only dreaming
state of mind
outside in
let's get it on tonight
it doesn't really matter
an unknown theme i heard
My favourite songs from this game are:

. Am I Only Dreaming
. Freeway
. It Doesn't Really Matter
. Let's Get It On Tonight
. Outside It
. Show Me Your Love
. State of Mind
. Think About It
. Time
I only really like maybe five out of all these songs but those are REALLY great.
Much of the rest is still nice during the game but I don't like listening to it standalone.