Millennium Actress Original Soundtrack (2002)

No high praise is worthy enough of Susumu Hirasawa's genius score on yet anther Satoshi Kon's intricate work of masterpiece, Millenium Actress. Melodies range from exotic Japonic synthesized vocal tunes 'Run, Actress in layers, Vertical Storm, Rotation Lotus' to more melancholic pieces, 'Prince of Key, and several differing renditions of Chiyoko's theme. The compositions invoke a compiled sense of wonder, exploration and intrigue, much as the film's nature. Highly recomended.
I just cannot stess enough how much I adore you for uploading this. Ever since I watched the movie, I've been in love with the OST. It's been years now. The soundtrack perfectly captures the wonderous flair of the movie. This will never get old.. XD
Susumu Hirasawa is my favourite musical artist, this is one of the best CDs in the WORRRLD! The fact that you can't really tell what they are saying in the songs makes it more mysterious and fantastical, which goes so well with the electronics and instruments etc. Each song is such a masterpiece.
You know a soundtrack is good when you recall that moment is played in the film. The composition is incredible, tender, and dynamic. Hirasawa captured the mindset and heart of Chiyoko as she told her autobiography as an actress, but also what is truly going on inside her head, which was love.