Need for Speed 4 - High Stakes

YEEEEESSS!!!THANK YOU GUUUYYYYSSS!!!I was looking for NSF 4 soundtracks for such a long three years and now i've finally found them!!Thank you for the existence of this site THANK YOUUU!!!!+)))))))
Fantastic OST. That really brings me back to the Times, we played NFS4 until the morning, always a decent smell of weed in the Air :). Best NFS OST in my Opinion
From RUSSIA With Love Dudes!One Of The Stylist Game I've ever Played-Last Tournament - gold!))
Thanks For Soundtrack!)
I've also been looking for these song for a long time and when i found this site i was like =D YAY!!

Greatest game in the series, and these beats are one of the main reasons, along with the nicely designed tracks and the sweet rides. Wish Need for Speed would go back and start doing games likes this. No Heavy metal, hip hop or rock (not that i don't mind them) but this type of music (techno) suits need for speed well, exotic rides, in exotic locations with exotic music is what need for speed was about XD.

The Greatest tracks are the ones done by Rom Di Perceso (cant spell his last name =P) The menu music and rock this along with my personal favorite callista all have a special place on my ipod especially when im driving XD

Rating: 1000/10 \o/
Need for Speed 4:(Road Challege/High Steaks) has cool songs and makes some good ways and the cars are great but the gameplay lacks making it not as good as NFS 3:Hot Pursuit.
Need for Speed 4:(Road Challege/High Steaks) has great music tracks featuring Junkie XL and a few others also makes some good ways of rewards even the cars are great and the Supercop Announcer is still wonderfull with his 3...2...1...GO! but the gameplay when controlling during a race lacks making it nowhere as good as Need For Speed 3:Hot Pursuit gameplay.
OMG At Last :D ... y THANK YOU ALL GUYS..!!! for this :D Really y love you all!!! thank you so much for these tracks... at last i have them all :D (K) KISSES AND HUGS FROM VENEZUELA.
Ohh Yeah!!!! The NFS Ost Series!! I use NFS II 'menu' music for my ringtone. It's very cooooollll!!!!

Could someone tell me what music in this NFS IV is the best? i Have no time to check every track. i'm too busy. Thnx (cb from Malaysia)
exellent soundtrack, was searching it for a loooong time :) thanks to one who has put them here :)) and nfs 5 has a nice one too: morphadron - rock this place
Yer I dont really like these new games either EA just pumps out lots of bad games instead of spending the effort on just a few games to make them REALLY good. But alas, they were the good old days when we all used win 98 and had 8MB graphics cards lol.
Had to write a Big Thank You for these OSTz...These really rock, i am 2 a big fan of NFS 4...recent NFS games can't bring the NFS 4 experience.
This game and Soundtrack...
I don't have word to "SAY" what I Feel,
Great time's, day's and night's on Playstation 1,
I'm a Mad Man now...
I was looking for this from a long time, thank you You are like a God for me...