SOULCALIBUR II original soundtrack (2003)

Soul Caliber and Soul Blade has always been known for the intense sword fighting and epic music. It pleases me that Soul Caliber II continued that tradition with incredible sword fights and even better music.
find the soul cailbur 2 version of the legend of zelda. plus this is a good selection of songs, you must have the zelda theme from this game if you want an even better please find this song and i will give you a better review
Soul Caliber is almost the only fighting game that I like! It's because of the characters and the music... I love it when the characters have a story!! The music is just great ^^
Sailor Moon:Gee, Kenshiro. your Hokuto Hyakuretsu-Ken are way better than my Moon Healing Escalation.
Kenshiro:Well, your Moon Healing Activation kills all enemies at once. so, you're the legendary soldier and i am the fighter who use the fist.
Sailor Moon:Uhhh. that could be nice.
Personally, I loved this game. The Wide assortment of characters, Plus the Introduction of the console-specific Added characters, Made this one my Personal Favorite of the series.

That said, I loved listening to the music more then the Game itself.

the only reason I didn't give this collection a perfect score is that it's missing the Added Console-specific Character themes:
The Main Zelda theme, From the Gamecube version,

The theme for Spawn from the Xbox version,

and The Theme For that guy from tekken. ((Too lazy to look him up.))

In an added note, It's Ironic that they continued the series on the system that did the least amount of sales among the three.
Soul Cabuilar 2 has great section of songs. l bet ya Link from one the legend of zedla of zedla games is in these one. Maybe you have the theme song for him just like in the video games. But in the way you probally don't once l find out myself when l download it.
Here is a good OST, and the creators don't must change. In fact, I prefer "ordinary pain", beacause I love Voldo. In my opinion, the song represent his personnality very well.
Kudos to whoever uploaded this. The files were encoded with LAME at a high MP3 VBR bit rate. My only complaint is the tags could be a little better.
Like the previous post, I'd really like to see the LoZ theme song present in the gamecube game and possibly the other 2 themes from the characters in the xbox and ps2 versions. Nevertheless, thanks a lot, been wanting to get my hands on this for a while.
Not a bad soundtrack. Some good songs in it, though they don't give much of a "feeling" vibe in most of them.
And to answer the previous Guest's comment: The Legend of Zelda was a separate game, thus they wont put in a song they did not create. This is an original soundtrack.
played the nintendo GC version the other day for old time sake. timeless music. it's relevant till this day, those days being the year 2013 now.
I love the soundtrack, I downloaded almost all of it. :)
Bit dissapointed because I couldn't fnd Link's theme though, if anyone has it and could they put it on here that'd be fantastic.
I have no idea what people talk about... ok maybe there was a specific theme for Link in the Game Cube version. And maybe there was one for Heihashi on PS2. But there was absolutely NO specific theme for Spawn on Xbox. I should know. I own the version. So can people stop spreading lies, even unintentionnall y ?

Anyway, great score, though not the best, but I spent so much time on SC 2, and it's honestly the last good Soul Calibur game I played.