Symphonic suite from ACTRAISER (1991)

I'll never forget this game as long as I live and the soundtrack to the game was one of the best even till this day. This CD is awesome and I recommend it to any fan of the game or any fan of classical music for that matter. 10/10
This game helped make my childhood actually bearable. The suspenseful themes, the action packed fighting, the birds eye simulation aspect, and the unforgettable events. Actraiser was a game ahead of its time, and as such, captured the hearts of many as one of the best games of the SNES. The Symphonic Suite brings all of our memories back with a full orchestra playing all of the 16-bit audio tracks in a truly cinematic performance. It truly is befitting of the original score. I highly recommend this to anyone who played the game.
I love two track in this album.filmore and birth of the people.i don't play actraiser game,but i love this songs.especialy filmore! I recomend to all who love clasical music,melodic music or romantic music.i give 7 star cause only 2 track are very good.but it's worth!
Classical sound track for a classic game. IF only music in games today could be of this quality. Probably one the best game sound tracks ever
what a game and soundtrack it all about the filmore
track for me.quick story we borrowed a super famicom from my friend and could not get this game to start as it was in Japanese, after 20 mins of messing around with it we finely got it to play we where blow away by the mode 7 graphics at the time as we zooming in to the level. the game and soundtrack was nothing you had ever seen on a home computer at the time, this was a year before it came out in Europe.
10/10 thanks