Tails' Sky Patrol (Game Gear, Master System) (gamerip) (1995)


Tails' skypatrol's soundtrack is forgettable. The game itself doesn't have Sonic, Dr.robotnik/dr.eggman, or the chaos emeralds. Instead the antagonist is a witch. As of the levels, they are very long. I don't hate long levels (For the most part). But, the levels aren't fun & it's quite hard for a game meant for little children. By that, I mean the game looks like it's designed for younger kids. And I don't mean those Stupid family friendly garbage that gets craps loads of views. (Such as Ryan toy reviews, awful 3d animations with annoying music, people cosplaying as super heros with annoying sound effects, & it's loaded with ad's). The bosses are hard for me because you have to hit them. Then, you have to grab them with your ring & throw them into the ground or wall. In each level, tails has to kill enemies & get to the boss. By the way, you have a flight meter & if you run out you'll keep falling until you die. To refuel it, you need to eat candy.