This is a very good and intresting website. I am from Paraguay, and I was looking for Tenchu musics in a long time ago. Please whoever you are, keep this page up because its good. I love this album.
Great Album!!
Please clarify something, though:
Does the Xbox version (Return from the Darkness) have extra tracks? I think it does, because I wasn't able to find my favorite here. Thanks for posting. =)
Sorry, I meant to give it a 10 =)
Again, ty for posting this great album. I must find my favorite Tenchu song! ^_________^
Please keep up the good work. It's very much appreciated.
This is a very good website and i love it

damn i was locking 4 this soundtrack 4 soooo looooong

maaaan i loooove you guys

thank you soo much
wow, i really love this, thanks you so much for uploading and sharing, this is a dream come true, i have been searching for this in a loong time
This website has so many game soundtrack and i like to download and listening to this music website. I love tenchu 3 sooo mucch! Its better than Naruto :D
Why can't any of these reviewers type legible English? Anyway, this album is great. Noriyuki Asakura is the greatest composer. I love the mix of traditional Japanese with Rock and even some Hip-Hop beats. Amazing stuff.
YEAH!!!! FINALLY found the opening theme!!! Played Tenchu Wrath of Heaven every day when I was young now I'm passing it down and showing my kids .
I love the soundtracks from the Tenchu franchise!!! So the only soundtracks that are missing are 1 the Samurai Mansion, and 2 the Deserted Temple from Tenchu: Return from Darkness.