Toontown Online (Windows, Online, MacOS) (2003)

Wow! Somebody did an amazing job with this gamerip! This makes me relive the days when Toontown was still up and running... this is truly awesome! Can't wait to download some of these tracks to further revive the nostalgia and RPG bliss!!! Thanks KH Insider!
RELIVING MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES WITH THIS ALBUM!!!!! This is so great! I LOVED Toontown before it closed... I WANT IT BACK!!! But this is just as amazing! Thanks soooo much!!!!

Btw , what's with the whole 100 word deal??? Every comment I make is around 50. Maybe 60 or 70... whatever. But THIS IS GREAT!!! Thanks so much KHInsider for my childhood back!!!
Hmm, I noticed these songs are ripped as 256kbps MP3. However, I'm rather certain the original game's files were encoded as either .OGG or .MIDI, and varied in bitrate. If you put the .mp3 files into a spectrogram, such as Spek, you can see the extra data generated by a forced conversion to a higher bitrate. I would appreciate an upload of the raw files, for audio fidelity's sake! No hard feelings, though.