Unreal Tournament III The Soundtrack

cool umgesetzter und passender elektrosoundtrack, manchmal techno, manchmal dnb-elemente aber hauptsaechlich breakbeat, super geile quali!!!

p.s. leider scheint song
"CD1 - 14 - Rom Di Prisco and Jesper Kyd - Defector.mp3"
unvollstaendig zu sein, 1,3mb gross, verspricht laufzeit von knapp 5 mins, geht aber nur 50 sec :(
Thanks so much for these songs, this is the BEST soundtrack album, the songs are perfectly composed to make it really exciting. Also a big thanks to the artists Rom di Prisco and Jesper Kyd. These guys know how it's done, other artists in this genre should listen to these musicbusters because they blow the mind! Absolutely enthralling! THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD for every fan.

and awesome albun full of electronic rips, good choice to hear anywhere, done from the fusion of two awesome talents as are Jesper kyd and Romd Di Prisco