Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) (gamerip) (2006)

I LOVE IT! Its like playing in the orchestra,

for some titles;

b-12 The Meditation of Many Years
b-17 A World Supported by Emotion
d-10 Celestial Troupe

and try listening to the others too, they're so cool!

c-05, c-08, d-04
If you wish to know the song names to not download the wrong song, go on "Gamefaqs" and search "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Music Guide" You will find in the faq all song's names and when or where they are played. It helped me to find my favorites, Like "Alms for the Small one" (Solde's theme, B-1). Enjoy!
This is such a lovely game with fine aspects, wonderful characters and epic music T_T

If only it was as compelling at the 'others' so that it gets a solid fanbase/fandom and still makes games even today.

It was wonderful and all, but if only it had minor changes that would highlight its RPG-ness, it would have been better. Succesful, even. Probably the Final Fantasy we all know now. It's like they wasted their ideas...

(I think it's because they wanted to make it unique, but there are just too many noticeable flaws... Like the lack of choices, I-don't-even-kn ow-I-wish-this- game-was-easier -and-had-sidequ ests kind of issue.

It was the downfall of the game, and since it's not 'fitting' to be played in a 'Lets's play' that mostly makes games more popular, it didn't have much of a chance.)

Not that I mind. I still love it, no matter what. But it would be pretty fun if the series is still on-going and there's still many active fans to talk to and discuss with, even in the 2014s...

(Ba ck to the main point of this comment)The music, though, is one of the finest treasures of the game. Next to its uniqueness, characters, ideas, setting, theme and aspects.