Vib-Ribbon Original Game Rip (PS1) (gamerip) (1999)

I LOVE the Vib Ribbon soundtrack, and I find them highly memorable!

They are j-pop style tunes, similar in tone to the wonderful stuff in Katamari Damacy (another great game).
I loved this game,was made only with the essentials.
It seemed really a bright idea
Unfortunately, those days will never return,the ps1 has had its day :*(
it you should appreciate more this game.
the most beautifull songs are sunny day,polaroid and especially overfloving emotion and roll along are songs very fantastic °_°
Just when i thought the game over would be one of the other ones... it had to be the cry one... Just please... Vibri... Don't cry... I know you can do it next time... I will help you... Just please... Stop... You are gonna make me cry too... *emotional breakdown*

O therwise the soundtrack is just too heavenly to be ignored and the game is too... I never really had it nor the PS1, but when i saw the game, i know i have to buy it off the PSN store now that one can buy it...
What most people hate about this soundtrack is the tempo changes throughout all the songs. Imo the songs would be much blander without them. Just think, we wouldn't have overflowing emotions fast paced chaotic chorus. Another part where tempo is used uniquely is at the end of roll along. The harmonica solo speeds up at the end of two notes adding a fast vibrato effect that is used really no where else. So glad this game exists, such ahead of its time. I mean really the option of playing off any cd was insane. Not even other games like guitar hero that came out 5 years after vib ribbon had that option, and they still don't!

... hear me out...