Shadow of the Colossus Original Soundtrack (2018)

Few video game soundtracks are as sublime as Shadow of the Colossus: from the quieter more introspective pieces to the stirring and adrenaline-pump ing battle music; the quality is always high. The thundering orchestral music of the battle pieces are the most praise-worthy and notable tracks and evoke the images of the game most strongly, that of clambering over those gigantic colossi and taking them down. But just as pure music this soundtrack is a raucous and thrilling ride all on its own and even if you somehow haven't played the classic game, this classic music would likely still be enjoyable.
Magnificent music for outstanding game. The soundtrack alone can motivate you beat the seemingly invincible Colossi. It was so deep, and very emotional.
Thanks a lot for uploading the soundtrack of this great game, one of the best and my most favorite. I love the game, its scenery, its music, its ambience. I love Wander and Argo :D
the sound of acient music of a time that we could not undstand and a love that survives the ages this is a beautiful game, the story is thrilling and imaganative a great overall nothing was missing
These are some of the BEST music ever. The best are definitely Opened Way and Revived Power. And the game, the best thing that happened to PS2.
This is totally awesome! I've never played this game, but now that my friend introduced me to its music and a few videos, I'm definitely gonna try it!